Hydraulic Pump -  Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider (Type 939)
  • Hydraulic Pump -  Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider (Type 939)

Hydraulic Pump - Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider (Type 939)


Price listed is for Standard Rebuild & Upgrade Service- You send in your hydraulic pump to be rebuilt.

Alfa P/N: 71747952

When sending the pump, please ship it without the mounting frame. It is important that all fluid is drained from your pump, which is best achieved by removing and replacing the reservoir. If you send the pump with the retaining plates for the hoses attached, then we will ship it back filled with fluid.

Order Method:


No sales tax for orders in the USA


We provide world class technical support


3-year standard warranty (should last decades)

Rebuild & Upgrade service for 2005-2010 Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider convertible hydraulic pump

We can ship your pump internationally via FedEx International Priority, which is $90.

Please ship without the sheet metal mounting bracket.

Top Hydraulics does an outstanding job on these pumps, making them better than new inside. We don't just look for what might be wrong such as a parts recyclers would, or try to see if replacing the solenoids will result in a miracle (get the hint?). The pump gets completely torn apart, moving parts get checked for tolerances and replaced as needed, all seals get replaced and upgraded, internal valves get serviced, 3-way solenoid valves get overhauled and tested on a special test stand. Top Hydraulics' proprietary and custom made oil seal for the electric motor's axle, for example, is designed to hold up to 3 times the back pressure compared to the original seal. You will also find that our port seals (where the hoses go in) feel a lot tighter, That is because we have them custom molded out of Viton and we make them tighter than the original so that they last at least 50 years - seriously. The electrical motor gets overhauled and the pump goes through extensive testing. Testing includes all functions, output pressure, output flow and thermal behavior.

Please note that there is a $100 surcharge for replacing the pressure relief valve with a new one if the old one has been damaged by previous attempts to remove it from the pump.

The pump will leave our facilities outperforming a brand new one.


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