Special Option: Core exchange for '98-'06 Audi TT Convertible Top Hydraulic Pump


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Special Option: Core Exchange for '98-'06 Audi TT MK1 Hydraulic Pump



Special option: Core exchange. This means that you get a rebuilt & upgraded pump from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, then you ship back your original pump for credit of your $200 core refund.  You get a pump that has been rebuilt to outlast and outperform brand new ones.

P/N 8N7871791



The core deposit ($200 out of the $500 that you are paying) gets refunded in full if the matching core is returned within 90 days and it has not been subject of severe abuse (such as damage from DIY repair attempts, or parts on the outside of the pump obviously broken by external forces).
Seals inside the pump get upgraded, and design flaws get rectified. Pumps rebuilt by Top Hydraulics perform better than brand new ones, and Top Hydraulics' seals will far outlast those in brand new pumps. The pump we are shipping to you may not be perfect cosmetically, because it has been used before. We do our best to clean up or polish out external blemishes, but what really matters is what's inside the pump.

Hydraulic pump assembly

Audi part number 8N7871791

Top Hydraulics highly recommends having the hydraulic cylinders upgraded at the same time as the pump is rebuilt. Check hydraulic lines for any damage to the cladding (black jacket of the hoses). Top Hydraulics manufactures replacement hoses of superior quality.

US domestic return shipping is $15; International shipping in Express Box (see http://www.tophydraulics.com/72-international-shipping.html)

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