Special Option: Core Exchange for Complete Hydraulic System for 2003-2007 Audi A4 Cabriolet

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2003-2007 A4 Cabriolet | Core Exchange for Complete Hydraulic System including full set of cylinders, new, upgraded hydraulic lines and hydraulic pump unit.

Audi part numbers:






8H0871611 or 8H0959247B (hydraulic pump unit)



Rebuild/Upgrade Service for Audi A4 Complete Hydraulic System (all top cylinders, lines and pump)

 Special option: Core exchange. This means that you get a rebuilt & upgraded hydraulic top system from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, then you ship back your original system for credit of your $400 core

*NOTE:  Does not include plastic cylinder covers.  Please re-use your own.

The core deposit ($400 out of the $1900 that you are paying) gets refunded in full if the matching core system is returned within 90 days and it has not been subject of severe abuse (such as damage from DIY repair attempts, or parts on the system obviously broken by external forces).
This system ships filled with the correct fluid, lines properly bled an ready for easy swap into your Audi A4

Seals inside the hydraulic cylinders and pump get upgraded, all hydraulic hoses are replaced with far superior material, and design flaws get rectified. Top systems rebuilt by Top Hydraulics perform better than brand new ones, and Top Hydraulics' seals will far outlast those in brand new OEM hydraulic systems.

The system has six cylinders:
Two main drive cylinders aka folding top cylinders:  p/n 8H0871795B  (same LH and RH)
Two bow tension cylinders aka tension lever cylinders: p/n for the left side 8H0871603B, p/n for the right side 8H0871604B
Two case cover lift cylinders: p/n for the left side 8H0871607B, p/n for the right side 8H0871608B

The hydraulic pump p/n is 8H0959247B

Important: Polished cylinder shafts must be free of rust or scratches from tools for a successful rebuild. If the shaft needs to be replaced, there will be a surcharge of $150 per shaft replacement with a hardened stainless steel shaft manufactured by Top Hydraulics.

Top Hydraulics can provide replacement hydraulic lines if needed.

 Ships for $20 USPS Priority mail or $80 USPS International

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