Extended hydraulic lines number 23 plus 24

line 23 & 24, ref 54347025598.

New product

New, Pair of Extended Hydraulic Lines # 23 & 24 for 2000-2006 BMW E46 convertibles

Extended version of the OEM hoses, which greatly reduces labor needed to replace and  eliminates the same manufacturing/design error seen with this hose originally in your 3-Series Convertible. Only available from Top Hydraulics.



These lines go from the valve block on the left side to the right main drive cylinder. They are a common failure in E46 convertibles. Typically, line 23 will fail first, and most E46 owners need to replace only line 23. If you buy OEM part number 54347025598 from the dealer, you will likely get the same problem again. Top Hydraulics ships EXTENDED LINES, which will save you many hours of installation time. Hose material and fittings made in Germany; hose assembled and manufactured in the US. Please see the detailed DIY guide for line replacement http://www.tophydraulics.com/e46line23guide.pdf in our DIY section - it shows you how you can save a lot of time in replacing these hoses, plus install a product that is far less likely to break again. Installation of line 24 is similar to installation of line 23.

Lines 23 and 24 go from the valve block (aka solenoid block or hydraulic unit) to the right main lift cylinder, and they are routed close to each other. Each is secured to the valve block by a retaining disc. Line 23 connects to the upper retaining disc, and line 24 connects to the lower one. The retaining discs have numbers engraved on them that match the hydraulic lines they are holding in place.

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