Left Bow Tension Cylinder Rebuild & Upgrade Service 00-06 323CI, 325CI, 330CI, M3

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Rebuild/upgrade service for left bow tension cylinder in 2000 - 2006| BMW E46 convertible chassis

It is highly recommended to upgrade the bow tension cylinders in pairs. You send in your cylinder(s) first, and we turn them around in 1-3 days.



Left bow tension cylinder rebuild service for 00-06 323CI, 325CI, 330CI, M3



Please see removal instructions for all cylinders and the most frequently failing hydraulic lines in our DIY section: http://www.tophydraulics.com/content/7-diy-instructions.


See removal instructions http://www.tophydraulics.com/e46bowcylinders.pdf in our DIY section. You remove your cylinders you would like to have rebuilt, and send them to us. Core exchange (from our stock) is available ONLY for full sets of BMW cylinders. Once we receive your cylinders, the turn around time for BMW cylinders is 1-3 days for rebuild service and we will ship the cylinders back to you by USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days transit time inside the US). See removal instructions in our DIY section.


NOTE: There was a change in cylinder design in 2002 or 2003, depending on country. Earlier model years have the detachable aluminum piece on the left side bow tension cylinder, which has the hydraulic lines permanently attached to it. This version is shown in the above picture. Newer model years have the hydraulic lines individually detachable from the left bow tension cylinder. In newer versions, lines 31 and 34 going to the valve block can be removed individually. Older and newer version bow tension cylinders (aka tension bar cylinders) are fully interchangeable as pairs, but not individually.

The right side cylinder always has the lines permanently attached, and the lines can be removed from the left side cylinder (clip on old version and T10 Torx bolt on new version).


P/N 54347025599


International shipping: One or two of these cylinders can be return shipped in an International Priority Mail or Express Mail Envelope (we box them up inside the envelope).

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