Core Exchange for '03-'09 Cadillac XLR Hydraulic Pump

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Price shown includes $400 refundable core deposit. This is a special core exchange option only: We ship the hydraulic pump from our stock, filled with fluid, for simple swap into your vehicle.  Send us back your malfunctioning pump for refund of your $400 core deposit.



This is a special core exchange option only.

Core exchange means that you get rebuilt parts from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, and then you send back your original parts for a refund of your core deposit of $400. For a full core refund, parts must be in good condition except for leaking seals. Corrosion on the electric motor is regarded as normal and will not affect your core refund. Missing components or serious damage from shipping will affect your core refund. Please package carefully and put extra padding on the side of the reservoir. Drain all fluid from your core, and use the plugs provided by Top Hydraulics to plug every hydraulic line port, so that the electric motor and possibly the whole package will not get soaked in oil.


Cadillac Top Lift Pump Assembly p/n 88958028. The pump ships filled with fluid.


We service the electric motor, wiring harness, temperature sensor, noise suppression circuitry, clutch, rotating pump assembly, internal valves and electric solenoids. Of course, we replace and upgrade the internal seals in the pump. We make sure that all internal components are to spec, and replace any worn internal parts. The pump goes through extensive testing after the rebuild. It may not look as pretty as a brand new one, but we are certain that the inside of the pump is better than new - rebuilt and upgraded to last longer and exceed factory specs.

This pump ships via USPS Priority Mail to residences, and via FedEx Ground to businesses. If we are shipping to a business and you would prefer USPS Priority Mail shipping (because it tends to be faster cross country), then please let us know when you place the order.

FedEx Priority Overnight shipping is available for $90 within the US. 

The hydraulic pump unit is located under the LH taillight, inside the trunk. It is easy to swap. The hydraulic system also utilizes two main hydraulic cylinders 88957085, two deck lid cylinders 88957088, and three tonneau cylinders 88957086.  One latch cylinder 88957089 is used to latch the hard top with the header.
The hydraulic pump is comprised of a pump block, fluid reservoir, and a 12-Volt DC electric motor.  The fluid reservoir (with level indications on the side) is attached to the pump with a hose clamp.  Cadillac recommends that you use Univis HVI 26 hydraulic fluid.  Here at Top Hydraulics, inc. we use FeBi 02615 fluid in all of our hydraulic systems.

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