Camaro Convertible Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild & Upgrade Service

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Rebuild/Upgrade Service for your Single Camaro Convertible Left Tonneau Cylinder.

There are two cylinders that actuate the convertible top.  If sending both, please select a quantity of 2.

Core exchange is currently not available. You send us the cylinder(s) you need to have upgraded, and we will turn them in a few business days. Using the best seals available, far exceeding OEM quality.



Rebuild/Upgrade service for your Camaro Top Hydraulic Cylinder

Top Hydraulics' standard warranty is 3 years on rebuilds/upgrades of convertible top cylinders and hydraulic pumps, and on new hydraulic hoses.

Chevrolet recommends using Univis HVI 26 hydraulic fluid.  Here at Top Hydraulics, inc. we use FeBi 02615 fluid in all of our hydraulic systems.