Special Option: Core Exchange for Chevy SSR Top Hydraulic Pump Unit


New product

$550 + $300 refundable core deposit

Order a rebuilt and upgraded pump unit from our inventory. The pump ships filled with fluid, and it includes two new relays.

Pump ships without mounting frame.

GM p/n 1600223



Order a rebuilt and upgraded pump unit from our inventory and return your old pump afterwards to recover the deposit. 

Here is what we do on our rebuilds: The electric motor gets replaced if needed, and electric components in the motor get upgraded. Internal seals get replaced, valve block, check valves, relief valve and solenoids get serviced (solenoids get replaced if necessary), and in final test we make sure that the pump exceeds OEM specs.  3 years warranty.

Top Hydraulics ships the pump to you filled with fluid, and with the hydraulic line ports plugged. We also include two relays. This allows plug-and-play replacement of the pump.

Note: to remove the hoses from the pump, remove the three Allen bolts on the aluminum manifold plate that holds the hoses in place, pull on each hose separately, and then on all hoses together until them come out of the pump. The hoses will stay confined to the manifold plate, and they will not get mixed up. 

$150 will be subtracted from the core refund if your core arrives with a shattered reservoir or with the electric motor soaked in oil - please be sure to drain all the fluid from the pump, wrap it in absorbent material, wrap well, and double box. You can re-use Top Hydraulics' packaging material if the boxes haven't been compromised.

Here is Top Hydraulics' video on the SSR hydraulic system replacement - it provides an overview of the system and shows removal and replacement step by step, including some good practical hints and useful shortcuts:

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