Special Option: Core Exchange for Full Set of Crossfire Cylinders

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Special Option: Core Exchange for Full Set of Chrysler Crossfire Top Hydraulic Cylinders

Special option: Core exchange. This means that you get a rebuilt & upgraded set of cylinders from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, then you ship back your original set for credit of your $1000 core refund.



Chrysler Crossfire Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinders

Includes $1000 refundable core deposit. This is a special core exchange option only.


The core deposit ($1000 out of the $1750 that you are paying) gets refunded in full if the matching set of cores is returned within 90 days and it has not been subject of severe abuse (such as damage from DIY repair attempts, or parts of the cylinders obviously broken by external forces).

Seals inside the cylinders get upgraded, and design flaws get rectified. Cylinders rebuilt by Top Hydraulics perform better than brand new ones, and Top Hydraulics' seals will far outlast those in brand new OEM cylinders. The set we are shipping to you may not be perfect cosmetically, because it has been used before. We do our best to clean up or polish out external blemishes, but what really matters is what's inside the cylinders.

Set of 7 upgraded cylinders, with the best seals available. All OEM cylinders will eventually fail, accelerated by heat and impurities or water in the hydraulic fluid - Top Hydraulics replaces the chemically decaying seals with far superior material.

The full set consists of two main drive cylinders (mounted in the soft top frame), two bow tension cylinders (also mounted in the soft top frame), one tonneau cover lift cylinder, and two locking or latch cylinders (locking down the rear window and the storage cover).

Rear bow latch 05142957AA aka A 193 750 0184
Tonneau cover latch 05166559AA aka A 193 750 0183
Folding top rear bow hydraulic cylinder 05142640AA (left side)
Folding top rear bow hydraulic cylinder 05170014AA (right side)
Main drive cylinder 05142639AA (left side)
Main drive cylinder 05170015AA (right side)
Tonneau cover lift cylinder 05142641AA

Note: retract the polished shaft on the cylinder before removing the hydraulic line clips. Otherwise, an accidentally slipping tool may scratch or dent the polished shaft so deeply that we need to replace the shaft at a surcharge.


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