Terms and Conditions

Customer agrees to package well, such that fluid will not soak into the outside of the package, or parts may get lost during transport, or cylinders get damaged inside the package. Top Hydraulics reserves the right to refuse parcels that arrive obviously damaged, or to return parcels that exhibit concealed damage after receipt. Customer agrees to reimburse Top Hydraulics for their actual shipping cost if a parcel needs to be returned for such reason.

Mechanical damage:
Cylinder shafts must be free of pits or scratches for successful rebuilds. Normally, such damage is incurred only during incorrect removal from the car, or upon rebuild attempts by customer or third parties. If any previous attempt has been made to rebuild the cylinders, any surfaces touched by seals must be free of scratches as well. In rare cases, cylinder shafts can exhibit rust (Mercedes W208, some older Saab, VW and low-volume European brands), and the cylinders cannot be rebuilt. Cylinders without quick disconnect at the cylinders (such as R170, R230, Porsche, some BMW) must be sent with the hydraulic lines attached and undamaged.

Subsequent damage and warranty:
The warranty expiration date is typically stamped or engraved on Top Hydraulics' rebuilds. Top Hydraulics' warranty is void if the cylinders get mechanically damaged other than by their intended use. Top Hydraulics is not responsible for labor charges or any consequential damages. In the extremely rare case of failure on rebuilds, Top Hydraulics' warranty covers only parts and is limited to rebuilding the products previously shipped by Top Hydraulics, or replacing them, or refunding the rebuild fee at Top Hydraulics' discretion.

Cancellations and returns:

Orders cannot be cancelled or returned as unused if the parts we have sent you have already been installed in your car.