Rebuild & Upgrade Service for Hydraulic Pump Unit

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Send in your pump first for rebuild & upgrade service with 1-3 days turn around. We use the best seals available, far exceeding OEM quality. Ferrari part number 81307700 PUMP WITH VALVE.

Core Exchange is available with an additional $3000 deposit plus $350 inventory surcharge

Note: Pump shown without Valve Block.  This Rebuild & Upgrade service includes service of the Valve Block.



For optional core exchange, select "Order now with core exchange" in the drop down menu above.

Core exchange means that you get rebuilt parts from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, and then you send back your original parts for a refund of your core deposit of $3000. For a full core refund, your pump must not show unusual, excessive damage.

Hydraulic Pump Unit P/N: 81307700 PUMP WITH VALVE

Internal components and seals get upgraded, and the pump goes through extensive testing to make sure we ship back a product that is performing better than a brand new one from the factory, for a fraction of dealer price. Typical problems with original Ferrari California top pumps are leakage and overheating. Top Hydraulics takes care of the leaking and the overheating for good.

Is your top slowing down, lately, and starting to slam onto the front windshield? That would be a sign of fluid loss in the system, which typically starts at the pump. Check the fluid level on the reservoir. The reservoir is attached to the pump, located in the left side of the trunk. There are two horizontal lines on the fluid reservoir, representing the minimum and maximum fluid level. If the fluid level is below minimum, then you have a leak, and you need to take care of it. It will not get any better by itself, or with additives in the fluid. Additives will likely ruin your pump and cylinders.

Top Hydraulics will make your pump better than a brand new one for a fraction of Ferrari's price, typically with one day turn around of us receiving your original part. Please inquire about our low FedEx rates, both for shipping inside the US and internationally.

Note: in the unlikely event that there is extensive damage to your pump due to mishandling or from a prior repair attempt, additional charges may be incurred.  

International return shipping via FedEx International Priority is $90 to most countries.