Special Option: Core exchange for Frame Top Seal Main Cylinder


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Special Option:  Order from our stock with core exchange.

Includes $200 refundable core deposit.

Ferrari p/n: 66454700




Ferrari F430 Spider | 2004-2009


Top Seal Main Cylinder Rebuild/Upgrade Service

P/N: 66454700

Model year '04-'09 F430's have seven hydraulic cylinders for soft top actualtion and latching. Top Hydraulics upgrades the internal seals with far superior material, making your cylinders better than brand new ones.

Five of the cylinders have the hydraulic lines permanently attached, and they need to be sent in with the lines attached. If you have a cylinder with a cut hydraulic hose, then Top Hydraulics can replace the hose.

Two of the cylinders have removable lines (the Secondary Frame Top Seal Cylinders high up in the frame). Remove the clamps and send in these cylinders without the lines. Top Hydraulics will also replace the port seals (where the lines go in) on these cylinders p/n 66454000 and 66454100.

Please note that most cylinders fail in pairs, and that all seven cylinders will usually fail in a time frame of some 20% of the age of the first cylinder failing. That means, for example: if the first cylinder fails after ten years, then you are very likely to find the rest failing within some two years.


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