Replacement Travel Sensor
  • Replacement Travel Sensor
  • Replacement Travel Sensor

Lamborghini Gallardo Top Travel Sensor


Brand new travel sensor for Lamborghini Gallardo convertible top cylinders.

This single sensor comes with about 12" of wire to splice into your vehicle's existing wiring harness.



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3-year standard warranty (should last decades)

Travel sensor/Hall sensor

Brand new, directly from Lamborghini's former supplier. This is a solid state Hall sensor, also known as travel sensor. It comes with about 12" of wire and gets spliced directly into your wiring harness. The sensor clips into the rail of the aluminum cylinder housing.

These sensors detect whether the shaft on your cylinder is extended or retracted by measuring the permeability of the magnetic field nearby. They are more reliable than regular micro switches. The most common cause for failure is when someone or something pulls too hard on their wires. 

Before condemning the travel sensor itself, be sure that the wires routed to it are not shorting or broken in places where they flex a lot.

Hall sensor

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