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International customers must select a shipping option on this page in order for your order to be processed properly. Read the description below to find the best shipping option for you.



We ship at our cost, and we would be happy to use your UPS or FedEx shipping account number for shipments to you.  Please call or email us for more information.

For Customs Duties and Taxes, you must declare a value on your package.  Please Note:  Top Hydraulics Inc, will not accept United Stated Customs and Duties charges on packages with declared value equal to or over 200 US dollars.  You must ship "free domicile", meaning you as the sender agree to accept responsibility for all Customs duties, broker fees, and taxes.  On packages with values declared over 200 US dollars, United States Customs usually charges 2.5% tax on the declared value of the package, plus most carriers will assess an entry prep fee of around $25/shipment.  We have to pass our related expenses on to you, and this may delay the shipment back to you if we find that a value of more than $200 has been declared for your shipment to us.

In our experience, the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers some of the best rates for International shipping from the US, when using their Flat Rate shipping options.
Delivery times vary by country, and the biggest variable is usually the customs office in your country.
Generally, International Priority Mail will arrive in approximately 2 weeks (usually one week to Canada and Japan, and 10 days to many European countries), and International Express Mail will arrive in one week or less (typically three days to Canada). For current rates, please check out


If you are located in Southern Europe (for example: Italy, Greece), Africa, South America, or Western Asia, we strongly advise using Express Mail or FedEx for our shipment back to you, due to oftentimes unusually long delays in your countries' customs offices. Express shipments usually get processed quickly and arrive within a week.

Here are some of the most frequently used International "Flat Rate" options:
Express Mail Envelopes  ~$50  (we typically put your cylinder(s) inside a box which fits into a taped-up envelope -- fits most single cylinders, or combinations of smaller cylinders but not convertible top pumps, Mercedes R170 trunk lid cylinders, Mercedes W124 main lift cylinders, Audi TT cylinders, VW Cabrio cylinders, or Porsche convertible top cylinders. If you are not sure whether your cylinders will fit, please inquire with us.  This is our preferred shipping method for small international orders. the weight limit is 4 pounds, and these envelopes are limited in the volume they will accomodate.
Express Mail Box  ~$100  (fits medium sized orders, such as a set of 12 Mercedes R129 cylinders with a few latches, or 5 SLK cylinders, or eight W124 cylinders). Will not fit Porsche cylinders. Weight limit 20 pounds.

Priority Mail Envelope  ~$30  (we typically put your cylinder inside a box which fits into a taped-up envelope -- fits most single cylinders, except Porsche; also fits a combination of small cylinders). The weight limit is 4 pounds, but these envelopes are limited in the volume they will accomodate.
Priority Mail Medium Box  ~$60  (fits most complete sets of cylinders, except Porsche 911, or full set of R129 cylinders with locks). Weight limit 20 pounds.
Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box  ~$80 (fits multiple sets of cylinders incl. Porsche 911, or one set of R129 cylinders with all locks). Weight limit 20 pounds.

Prices include insurance of $20/cylinder; it is complicated to insure higher amounts.

NOTE: Top Hydraulics will always try to ship at the most affordable rate, based on the shipping service/speed you selected. In many cases, we will upgrade your international shipping to FedEx International Priority without surcharge if you chose Express Mail. If you have overpaid shipping by more than $10 of Top Hydraulics' actual cost, then you will get a refund. If you have underpaid shipping, then Top Hydraulics will either contact you for additional payment before the part(s) ship(s), or take the balance out of your core refund (in case you have chosen core exchange and the balance owing is very small compared to the core deposit).

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