Rebuild/Upgrade Service for '07-'13 Jaguar XK/XKR Left Main Lift Cylinder

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Price listed is for Standard Rebuild Service- Send in your cylinder for Rebuild & Upgrade service, or order directly from our stock by selecting "Order now with core exchange" below.

Core exchange orders include a $70 inventory surcharge and a $350 refundable core deposit.

*The reason the deposit on this part is so high is because this part is no longer available from Jaguar and we must be sure that we get the core back to restock our inventory.

P/N: C2P7535



2007-2013 Jaguar XK/XKR Left Main Lift Cylinder

P/N: C2P7535

Top Hydraulics' rebuild makes your cylinder(s) far better than brand new ones, on account of the more durable seals.

Your XK or XKR has five hydraulic cylinders that move the top, move the rear window (aka clamping bar or rear bow or fifth bow), and lift the tonneau cover (aka storage cover or case cover). Jaguar part numbers: C2P7534 , C2P7535, C2P7564, C2P7565, C2P12352. Lift Cylinders, clamping bar cylinders (aka bow tension cylinders), and tonneau cover cylinder.


Top Hydraulics' rebuild makes your cylinders far better than brand new ones, on account of the more durable seals.

Note: once you see the first cylinder failing, it would be wise to have all five cylinders upgraded at the same time - you save a lot of aggravation and labor.

Once we receive your cylinders, the turn around time for Jaguar cylinders is up to two days for rebuild service, and we will ship the cylinders back to you by Priority U.S. Mail (2-3 days domestic delivery time). We ship internationally on a daily basis.

Please note that in the unlikely event the cylinders should have rust or serious mechanical damage on the chromed shafts, we would have to replace the shafts with stainless steel versions of our own manufacture at a surcharge.

There are six to seven seals per cylinder, and Top Hydraulics upgrades them all with superior material, plus we add wipers that take contamination off the cylinders shafts (rods) before they enter the inside of the cylinder. The rod seals used for the cylinder rebuild/upgrade are far superior to the original ones in geometry, size and material choice. Top Hydraulics does not only replace the original seals, but precision-manufactures metal parts that accommodate our larger and much longer lasting seals. That is why our rebuilds are actually upgrades - we make your old cylinders better than new!

Common engravings on these cylinders: 1728-030-B, 1728-030-C, 1734-30-B, 1734-030-C