Hydraulic System Upgrade for 1996-2006 Jaguar XKR/XK8.

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Hydraulic System Upgrade for your 1996-2006 Jaguar XKR/XK8, excluding pump.  Includes Rebuild Service for the set of 3 Hydraulic Cylinders/Rams, and a Full Set of 6 Replacement Hydraulic Lines/Hoses.

Please see note in item description regarding "clip-on" fitting when choosing the core exchange option.

Pump rebuild/upgrade service is available separately.



To order with core exchange, select YES in the drop down menu above. The price will go up by $600, out of which we will refund $500 to the original payment source after we receive back your three hydraulic cylinders in rebuildable condition* within 60 days**. Core exchange ultimately costs $100 more, but it allows you or your shop to get everything done at once.

Send in your cylinders first for rebuild service, unless you have chosen the core exchange option. We highly recommend replacing all hoses at the same time, once you see the first deterioration on your original hoses, and having all cylinders upgraded once you find the first cylinder leaking. You will save a lot of trouble and additional labor if you upgrade the full set of cylinders as a preventive measure before you have any hydraulic fluid leaking into your beautiful car.

There will be no pressure reducer needed with these hoses or with our far superior cylinder seals!

Top Hydraulics replaces the OEM hose material on your complete convertible top hose assembly with far superior material. We are certain that we are supplying the best hoses for this application on the market, with the hose material made in Europe to our exacting specifications. The OEM hoses are rated at an operating pressure of 3,000 psi; Top Hydraulics manufactures these hoses with a conservatively rated burst pressure rating of 30,000 psi. The Jaguar system pressure peaks between 1,500 and 1,600 psi.

The outer diameter (OD) of the two front hoses is smaller than that of the OEM hoses, and much smaller than that of brake hoses. (Some small shops try to manufacture convertible top lines out of brake hoses with braided stainless jackets). The smaller OD makes the installation easier, while not posing any compromise in performance. The lines are clearly labeled on each end (telling you where they connect to), and they come with new o-rings. The hose material is sourced in Germany, the hoses are assembled in the US, and these hoses will not crumble apart like your original ones.

The hydraulic system upgrade for your 2000+ Jaguar XKR/XK8 (excluding pump) includes rebuild Service for the set of 3 Hydraulic Cylinders/Rams, and a Full Set of 6 Replacement Hydraulic Lines/Hoses.

Note: most model years '00 and all '01-'06 have a "clip-on" fitting at the bottom of the right main lift cylinder, as opposed to a "swivel" fitting with a hex nut. Select your model year before adding to the cart. Some model years '00 still have the original swivel/compression fitting if manufactured in 1999.

On the cylinder rebuilds, we add a stainless steel cap that accomodates larger, better seals to make these cylinders better than new.

Model year 1996-2006 Jaguar XK8/XKR convertibles have three cylinders in the soft top lifting and latching system:

Two Top Lift Cylinders with possible part numbers HJA8254CC (shown in photo), HJA8255CB (shown in photo), HJB8254AA, HJB8255AA

One Lock/Latch Cylinder p/n HJD8243AA

Hydraulic Lines P/N's : HJB8252AA, HJB8253AA, HJB8256AB, HJC8252AA

(HJB 825 2AA, HJB 825 3AA, HJB 825 6AB, HJC 825 2AA)


Pump rebuild and upgrade service is available separately for all '96-'06 hydraulic pumps.


* Rebuildable condition means that only the seals are bad on the cylinder cores. Core refund may be reduced if there are scratches or rust on the chromed cylinder shafts that we cannot polish out, or if there is other serious damage to the cylinder housing. The vast majority of Jaguar cylinders arrive at Top Hydraulics in fully rebuildable condition without us having to replace housings, shafts, or brass switch posts on the right main lift cylinder.

** We understand that accidents can happen, which push out your return shipment date. If you expect to run late on your core return, please send us a note with a reasonable, updated core return date. In most cases, this will be perfectly acceptable. Please keep in mind that we have limited stock, and that a speedy core return helps us serve more customers.

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