Rebuild service for FULL SET Mercedes R171 SLK-Class Cylinders
  • Rebuild service for FULL SET Mercedes R171 SLK-Class Cylinders
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Full Set of Top Cylinders - R171 SLK-Class


There are two options for placing your order:

1. (Most affordable) You send in your leaking cylinders, and Top Hydraulics rebuilds them.

  • Top Hydraulics replaces & upgrades ALL seals in your cylinders with our superior proprietary material including rod seals, gland seals, port seals, plug seals and piston seals. Top Hydraulics' u-cup seals have a far more reliable seal and much longer service life.


2. (Fastest) Core Exchange Option where Top Hydraulics ships parts from our inventory first ($675 plus a $500 deposit).

  • Option 2 means that you get a set of rebuilt & upgraded cylinders from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, then you ship back your original set for credit of your $500 core refund. You get a full set that has been rebuilt to outlast and outperform OEM replacements. 

Order Method:


No sales tax for orders in the USA


We provide world class technical support


3-year standard warranty (should last decades)

Full Set of Top Cylinders - R171 SLK-Class

Note that the R171 started with model year '05 in the US. Send in your cylinders first for rebuild service, unless you choose "order with core exchange". Front lock and main lift cylinders must be received with lines attached and intact. The lines on the trunk lid cylinders are detachable.

When considering the labor involved in removing one cylinder compared to a full set of cylinders, it is usually best to have all cylinders upgraded at the same time. The reason is, the majority of the labor involved is in removing access panels, and once the panels are removed, it is comparatively not much more work to remove all cylinders at once. Remember, the rebuild service for all cylinders at once costs about as much as a single replacement cylinder, and you get a much better product... 


Core Exchange is currently currently available only for the R171 SLK front lock cylinder or for the full set.

There is a $30 surcharge per cylinder for this service, PLUS a refundable deposit of $600 for the full set. Core deposit will be refunded after we receive your old front lock cylinders back with lines attached and intact, as well the shaft not being scratched by tools. Either scratched shaft or damaged lines result in reduced core refund. Top Hydraulics manufactures replacement shafts and replacement hoses, but there is significant cost involved.

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