'95-'05 VW Cabrio MK3 New Driver Side Pair Hydraulic Hoses

LH Side Pair Hydraulic Hoses

New product

New pair of LH (driver side) Hydraulic Hoses for model year '95-'05 Volkswagen Cabrio MK3 convertible. Far exceeds OEM specifications - rated burst pressure of 23,200 PSI. These lines go to the left (driver's side) convertible top cylinder. The lines are clearly labeled and come with new o-rings.

Original Volkswagen p/n 1EO 871 793 A (aka 1EO871793A or 1E0871793A or 1E0 871 793 A).



New pair of Hydraulic Hoses for model year '95-'05 VW Cabrio MK3 convertible. Top Hydraulics' new hydraulic hoses far exceed OEM specifications. The rated burst pressure is 23,200 PSI, far exceeding OEM specifications for a truly superior hydraulic line. Offered here are hoses for the left hand driver's side convertible top cylinder. In addition to the superior pressure rating, Top Hydraulics' hoses are more flexible than the OEM hoses, which makes them longer lasting in the folding roof application, plus easier to install! The lines are clearly labeled on each end (telling you where they connect to), and they come with new o-rings. The hose material is sourced in Germany, the hoses are assembled in the US, and these hoses will not crumble apart like your original ones.

Original Volkswagen p/n 1EO 871 793 A (AKA 1EO871793A).