Special Option: Core Exchange for '03-'09 Mercedes Benz W209 CLK-Class Hydraulic Pump


Order a rebuilt and upgraded hydraulic pump from our inventory, and send your old one back for a $200 core refund.

Note: Ships without mounting frame

Mercedes p/n 2098000148, 2098000248, 2098000548, 2098000648



Core Exchange pump includes:

- Two new relays

- Service of electric motor and solenoids

- Upgrade of internal components in motor's electronics

- Replacement of electric motor if needed

- Upgrade of pump seals

- Thorough check of pump pistons (and replacement if necessary)

- Service and upgrade of internal valves

- Extensive final testing for output pressure, output flow, valve function, thermal behaviour, etc.


There may be a surcharge if the core we receive back from you has been abused, or in a fire, or in water.


Pump part numbers for reference, depending on W209 model:

2098000148 aka A 209 800 01 48
2098000248 aka A 209 800 02 48
2098000548 aka A 209 800 05 48
2098000648 aka A 209 800 06 48

Part numbers displayed on the pump's sticker:

2098000030 or A 209 800 00 30

2098000330 or A 209 800 03 30

2098000130 or A 209 800 01 30

2098000530 or A 209 800 05 30

2098000630 or A 209 800 06 30

For motor replacement, Top Hydraulics rewinds original CLK pump electric motors with heavier gauge copper wire and more wire loops, which results in less current drawn for the same output power and much less heat developed. In practical terms, this means the following:
1) You can cycle the top continuously for more cycles before the motor overheats,
2) the temperature sensor inside the pump has more time to signal overheating to the soft top controller, and
3) less current drawn by the motor makes a future relay failure less likely (of course, we install new high-current relays on each pump rebuild that we ship back).

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