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R231 SL-Class 2012-Present

We upgrade your parts to "better than new" condition with advanced seals.

The seals in ALL these cylinders fail with time. If you live in a hot climate and you have noticed a hydraulic leak, then having Top Hydraulics upgrade all cylinders and the pump at the same time is the best choice - you will have to deal with the hydraulics only once, you save a lot of labor in the end, and the convertible top hydraulic system will outlast your car.

Top Hydraulics' rebuild service is a true upgrade, since the rebuilt cylinders will last much longer than the originals under the same conditions, and a design flaw gets eliminated from the otherwise excellent hydraulic system.

The hydraulic lines are not detachable from the cylinders. That means the cylinders have to be shipped with lines attached and intact. Top Hydraulics can replace cut lines on the cylinders, but there would be an additional charge.

The R231's hydraulic pump aka hydraulic unit is a complex, high-performance pump with integrated valve block, two different output pressures, high-end electronic noise suppression, and high flow rate. The upgrade service for your hydraulic top pump replaces heat sensitive parts inside the pump with re-designed, precision machined aluminum ones, improves fluid filtering, services the valve block, solenoids and check valves, upgrades electronic components, upgrades internal seals, and replaces the electric motors if needed.

R231 SL-Class 2012-Present


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Hydraulic pump rebuild/upgrade service for 2012-Present Mercedes-Benz R231 SL-Class



Send in your hydraulic pump for rebuild/upgrade.  Average turn around time is 3-5 business days, and you get back a pump that is far superior to a brand new one, on account of upgraded seals and internal components (following a complex rebuild & test procedure).


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