See our Instructions Page for information on removing your Hydraulic Cylinders


Q: What is Core Exchange?

A: We send you rebuilt cylinders before you send in your cores, also known as "Up-Front Shipping with Core Exchange Option". For this EXPEDITED SERVICE, there is a refundable core charge included in the checkout process. Core deposits will be refunded in full if we receive your matching cores within 60 days, and the cores are undamaged (must have no scratches, rust, or corrosion on shafts or caps, no missing or broken parts including lines, locks and connectors whenever applicable) This option may not always be available, depending on stock. The core deposit is a minimum of $100 per cylinder or lock, and a minimum of $1,000 per full set. If you return the cores later than 60 days from receipt of our rebuilt cylinders, $10 per cylinder or lock each month will be subtracted from the core refund.

Please call us in advance or send us an email if you have any questions.

Q: How should I send my hydraulic cylinders to Top Hydraulics, Inc. for Rebuild/Upgrade Service?

A: Cycle the hydraulic fluid out of the cylinder/s by holding the item wrapped in a shop cloth or paper towels and manually pumping the cylinder rod a few times to eject the oil out of the cylinder/s. Then place the cylinder/s in plastic bags and wrap well. Make sure to buffer against voids in your mailing box to prevent the cylinder/s from rattling around or puncturing the package. Credit Card Payment should be made in advance of sending your package to Top Hydraulics. Simply select cylinders, add to cart, then complete the check out process.  Kindly enclose a copy of your online payment receipt with your cylinders and include your daytime phone number and shipping address (if different than the billing address). If paying via check or money order, we recommend you put the payment inside of a plastic or ziplock bag and add a note indicating your phone number and shipping address. Please include shipping and handling--$10 for domestic shipping. We advise you tape your package very well. NOTE: SLK cylinders must be sent with the hydraulic lines attached. You may ship to Top Hydraulics using any carrier you wish, but it should be noted that USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate packages will usually arrive within 3 business days.

Please Note:  For the fastest Rebuild/Upgrade service available, please prepay your order though our website or by enclosing a check or money order with your rebuild/upgrade order.  The advantage of pre- ordering via Top Hydraulics secure website is that you will receive email updates on the status of your order (including updates on receiving, processing, shipping, tracking details, and refunds).  These automatic status updates are processed through our website only and are not available to customers who do not have a website generated order number.

Q:  How do I checkout on the website using a credit card?
A: Top Hydraulics accepts only Visa, Mastercard, or Discover cards.  American Express is not an option at this time.   To pay via credit card on our website, simply select "Pay with credit or debit card" on the checkout page.  Make sure to confirm your order.  Your order is fully completed once you have received a message of thanks with the order number in it.  If you have any difficulty paying via credit card, just go back to your Cart (in the upper right corner) and click on pay by phone or check.  Then call us during normal business hours 8am-5pm (PACIFIC TIME) to give your credit card number by phone.

The three most common issues with checking out through the website:

1) Customer tried to pay with American Express. 

NOTE: our website does not accept this card. 

You can instead try to make payment online using Visa/Mastercard/Discover.

2) The billing address in your online order information does not match the billing address for your credit card. 

This happens most often when you checkout as a guest, entering only the shipping address.  Sometimes this occurs if there is a typo in the address.  If you have registered online, please call customer support at (541)902-3214 and we can correct the billing address for you in the current order so you can pay online for your next order.  You should pay by phone for the current order.

3) The total amount due may exceed your credit/debit card's transaction limit or daily limit. 

This happens sometimes with orders over $1000.  You may need to contact your bank to get a one-time exception or raise your limit and then try again to get the transaction to go through.  Alternately, you can try to use a different credit card. 

If you are still having issues with the checkout process please select "Pay by phone" and call customer support at (541)902-3214 during regular business hours for further assistance.

Q:  I have a different shipping address for my order.  How do I enter this?  Can I change or update my address?
A:  If you have not already registered an account with us, just click on "create an account" when you check out, and first enter your shipping address.  You will later get an opportunity to enter a different billing address if you wish.  If you already have a registered account, and wish to change the address, please contact Top Hydraulics for assistance.  You can contact Customer Service (see Contact Us in the upper right corner of the webpage) and provide your new address electronically or call one of our customer representatives during normal business hours for assistance.  You may not be able to update your address once your account has already been created, but don't worry we can take care of this for you.  Please do not delete your address or you may have to re-register using a new email address.

Q: I have ordered core exchange of Cylinder Rebuilds (select "Order now with core exchange" for expedited exchange service). How should I ship the Core Returns to Top Hydraulics, Inc?

A: Cycle the hydraulic fluid out of the cylinder/s by holding the item wrapped in a shop cloth or paper towels and manually pumping the cylinder rod a few times to eject the oil out of the cylinder/s. Then place the cylinder/s in plastic bags and wrap well, or reuse packing materials we have provided in your upfront shipment. Make sure to buffer against voids in your mailing box to prevent the cylinder/s from rattling around or puncturing the package. In order for us to expedite your Core Refund, please include your Core Return Form (which is sent from Top Hydraulics, Inc with your upfront cylinder order).

Q: Does Top Hydraulics Inc. sell replacement seal kits?

A: No. We have gone through a lot of research and development time to come up with these seals, we have special tools that will insert them properly into the cylinders, and we feel that we can only stand behind our product if we install them ourselves.

Is it okay to fix only one cylinder?

A: Yes, but we would recommend fixing the cylinders in pairs. Once the main seal has failed on one side, the other side is usually quick to follow. Plus, the system will be able to build up a little more pressure once you have a perfect seal in the cylinder that just got replaced, and that will make it more likely for the other main seals to fail soon.

Q: Should I do all cylinders at once?

A: Most customers who started out replacing only one or two cylinders end up having to do the rest all at once...

Q: Is there a warranty on the cylinders?

A: Unless stated otherwise there is a 3 year warranty on all rebuilds.  The warranty terms and conditions are as follows:

Customer agrees to package well, such that fluid will not soak into the outside of the package, or parts may get lost during transport, or cylinders get damaged inside the package. Top Hydraulics reserves the right to refuse parcels that arrive obviously damaged, or to return parcels that exhibit concealed damage after receipt. Customer agrees to reimburse Top Hydraulics for their actual shipping cost if a parcel needs to be returned for such reason.

Mechanical damage:
Cylinder shafts must be free of pits or scratches for successful rebuilds. Normally, such damage is incurred only during incorrect removal from the car, or upon rebuild attempts by customer or third parties. If any previous attempt has been made to rebuild the cylinders, any surfaces touched by seals must be free of scratches as well. In rare cases, cylinder shafts can exhibit rust (Mercedes W208, some older Saab, VW and low-volume European brands), and the cylinders cannot be rebuilt. Cylinders without quick disconnect at the cylinders (such as R170, R230, Porsche, some BMW) must be sent with the hydraulic lines attached and undamaged.

Subsequent damage and warranty:
The warranty expiration date is typically stamped or engraved on Top Hydraulics' rebuilds. Top Hydraulics' warranty is void if the cylinders get mechanically damaged other than by their intended use. Top Hydraulics is not responsible for labor charges or any consequential damages. In the extremely rare case of failure on rebuilds, Top Hydraulics' warranty covers only parts and is limited to rebuilding the products previously shipped by Top Hydraulics, or replacing them, or refunding the rebuild fee at Top Hydraulics' discretion.

Q: Can I remove the cylinders and just manually lock in the hardtop until the cylinders are returned back to me?

A: Yes, you can. Below is a link to a .PDF file with detailed instructions for R129 SL-Class Convertibles.

R129 Manual Hardtop Locking Guide (.PDF)




Q: I have a Mercedes-Benz. What kind of fluid should I use for my top hydraulic system?

A: Mercedes approves only two types of fluid be used for its hydraulics system: Mercedes Hydraulic fluid, which you can purchase from your local dealer for about $20 - $25 per quart. And Ferdinand Bilstein (Febi) Power Steering Hydraulic fluid is the only other fluid approved by Mercedes-Benz for its top hydraulic systems. Top Hydraulics, Inc. does not sell this or any hydraulic fluid, but you can order it online from RM European (about $9 per quart). For ordering, the part number is 02615. It is also known as FeBi Power Steering Fluid or Suspension Self-Leveling Unit Fluid.

2) Q: Where do I put the hydraulic fluid?

A: The fluid reservoir is attached to the top hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump for the top system is in the trunk in the following location according to your car model:

R129 - In the trunk under the spare tire.

R170 - In the trunk behind a panel on the right side (looking from the top, the screw to
the front right covers the filling point.

R230 - In the trunk behind a panel on the left side.

W208 - In the trunk, in front of the front panel.