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Bentley Azure 2nd Gen '06-'09

  • We upgrade your cylinder(s) by replacing the tiny OEM rod seal with a much larger one made of superior materials.  We then add custom caps made of CNC machined stainless steel to accommodate these superior seals. Our seals are not sensitive to water and are resistant to most additives in hydraulic fluid. This results in a much longer service life than the standard OEM cylinders for a fraction of the price.

  • Top Hydraulics' also rebuilds and upgrades convertible hydraulic pumps, and we also manufacture our own upgraded hydraulic lines.

  • Owning and driving a convertible with an automatic top is prestigious, convenient and exciting - let Top Hydraulics help you enjoy your beautiful car even more by making your convertible top system truly better than new!

  • Top Hydraulics' standard warranty is 3 years on rebuilds/upgrades of convertible top cylinders and hydraulic pumps, and on new hydraulic hoses.

  • You remove your cylinders you would like to have rebuilt, and send them to us.

Bentley Azure 2nd Gen '06-'09


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 You send us your malfunctioning convertible hydraulic pump and we rebuild it for $600.


Order a rebuilt and upgraded pump from our inventory (additional $500 core deposit applies). 

Once we receive your old pump in the mail, we will refund your $500 core deposit provided there is no unusual damage to your core.

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