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BMW 3-Series '00-'06 (E46)

2000 - 2006 | BMW E46 chassis (318ci, 320ci, 323ci, 325ci, 330ci, M3)

Rebuild & upgrade service for all hydraulic cylinders and the hydro unit (aka convertible top hydraulic pump) in your E46, 3xxci Series BMW.

On the cylinders, Top Hydraulics replaces the decaying seals with a far superior material, making your cylinder better than new.

The BMW E46 (3xxCI or M3) has six hydraulic cylinders: two main lift cylinders, two bow tension cylinders, and two tonneau cover cylinders. All these cylinders have seals that will eventually fail, unless your car gets wrecked prematurely.

Please note: leaks from the bow tension cylinders will drip onto the tonneau cover (aka storage compartment cover) and permanently damage the vinyl. It is best to have all six cylinders upgraded at the same time. If you budget does not allow this, please upgrade the cylinders at least in pairs.

Top Hydraulics also rebuilds the hydro units (aka hydraulic pumps) and control modules (aka hydraulic valve blocks), and Top Hydraulics manufactures replacement hydraulic lines.  Please prepay your order and include the receipt with your shipment for fastest turn around time.

Standard return shipping method in the US is USPS Priority Mail for $10 per order.

Please see removal instructions for all cylinders and the most frequently failing hydraulic lines in our DIY section:

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