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Eclipse Spyder 07-12

The Convertible Top Hydraulic Pump p/n 6559A001 (78142A) in the Eclipse Spyder actuates eight Hydraulic Cylinders:

1) The Tonneau Cylinder (opening and closing the storage cover) p/n MN181812 (78146D)

2) The Toneau-Latch Cylinder (latching and unlatching the storage cover) p/n MN181808 (78146C)

3) & 4) RH and LH Main Rotary Actuator (hinge type) p/n 6559A134 (RH) and 6559A133 (LH) (78146H and 78146G, respectively)

5) & 6) RH and LH 5th Bow Cylinders (raising and lowering the rear bow with the window in it) p/n 6559A063 (RH) and 6559A064 (LH) (78146E and 78146F, respectively)

7) & 8) Secondary Cylinders (moving the front of the soft top frame, has travel sensor) p/n 6559A060 (78146B)

The pump is located under the soft top storage compartment. Removal and replacement of pump and individual cylinders is less complicated than it may appear. When removing cylinders, make sure to retract the polished cylinder shaft before removing the hydraulic line clips, in order to avoid accidental damage to the shaft by slipping tools.

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