Special Option: Core exchange for BMW 2-Series Hydro Unit aka Hydraulic Pump

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This special core exchange option includes a $200 refundable core deposit. These pumps have been rebuilt and upgraded. The electric motor has been replaced or rewound if necessary. A new high-current relay has been installed, and all hydraulic valves serviced.  The internal seals in the pumps have been upgraded to eliminate current or future pressure loss or internal leak. Three years warranty.




This is a special core exchange option only:

Core exchange means that you get rebuilt parts from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, and then you send back your original parts for a refund of your core deposit of $200. For a full core refund, parts must be in good condition except for leaking seals.



P/N 7310756

Core deposit may be withheld if the reservoir on your core arrives broken or the aluminum ring around the motor has been crushed beyond repair. Please wrap the pump in absorbent material and put plastic bags around it, buffer your parcel well inside, ideally double-box, and tape up well. Take special care to protect the thin aluminum wall at the end of the reservoir from getting crushed in transit - it seals the end of the reservoir. USPS Priority Mail shipping is $15 inside the US and $80 internationally.

The most common failure symptom on used BMW 2-Series hydro units is a gradual loss of pressure and power. Beware when purchasing used pumps that those may actually be units that are still pumping, but are not able to complete the convertible top's opening or closing cycle.

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