Rebuild/Upgrade Service for '03-'09 Cadillac XLR Main Hydraulic Cylinder 88957085


Rebuild/Upgrade Service for single '03-'09 Cadillac XLR Folding Top Main Lift Hydraulic Cylinder for the convertible top. The XLR has two of these cylinders. They actuate the hard top frame, raising or lowering your top. They are mounted in the hard top frame.

Send in your part for rebuild service, or order directly from our stock with core exchange for $200 + $220 deposit.

P/N 88957085



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Core exchange means that you get rebuilt parts from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, and then you send back your original parts for a refund of your core deposit of $220. For a full core refund, cylinders must be in good condition except for leaking seals.

Cadillac XLR 03-09 Folding Top Main Lift (Front & Rear Roof Panel) Cylinder p/n 88957085

 P/N 88957085, also known as 1531-030-B or 1531-030-C or 1531-030-D (engraved on the cylinder in the second row of numbers)

You remove your cylinder(s) you would like to have rebuilt, and send them to us. Consider having all eight cylinders rebuilt & upgraded at the same time, because they all fail in fairly short order, and you save a lot of labor and frustration this way!

This is a rebuild/upgrade service for a single '03-'09 Cadillac XLR Main Lift Cylinder for the convertible top system. The XLR has two of these cylinders, p/n 88957085. They actuate the hard top frame, raising or lowering your top.

The original seals in these cylinders are made of a material that fails within 10-15 years, or faster if exposed to contaminants or water in the convertible top hydraulic fluid. Top Hydraulics replaces the original steel gland inside the cylinder with a new, CNC-machined one that accommodates more sophisticated rod seal, gland seal, and wiper seal for maximum service life of the cylinder. Replaced and improved rod seal, piston seal, cap seal, gland seal, wiper, and port seals make this part better than a brand new one, with an expected service life of 30-50 years under normal circumstances. 

In most cases, the first leak on the original cylinders will be through the mounting hole at the bottom of the cylinder, making it appear like a leak from one of the hydraulic hoses. Next, they will typically leak from the top, and ultimately they will develop internal bypasses. Even brand new cylinders from the dealer can fail again within a short time frame if the hydraulic fluid in your system is contaminated. The rebuild & upgrade service from Top Hydraulics will avoid these issues, because our seals are inert to almost any contamination.

Note on Main Lift Cylinders: These are the only ones which have a significant percentage of corrosion on the dark cylinder shaft. This corrosion occurs with the top raised, where water has leaked into the car, and accumulated on top of the cylinder housing where the shaft goes in and out. This corrosion is not always visible when the cylinder shaft is fully extended, because it happens a few millimeters below the top of the cylinder housing. Of we notice any pitting on the shaft from corrosion after we have opened up your cylinder, then we will advise you that a shaft replacement is in order, which will cost an additional $100. Top Hydraulics' shafts are made of hardened, polished, chromed stainless steel, which makes them very resistant to corrosion.

These cylinders are very easy to remove from the stowage cover. Remove the mounting pin first that goes through the clevis (fork) first, and retract the shaft. Then remove the bottom pin that goes through the cylinder housing. Last, remove the hydraulic line clips by sliding them in the cylinders rail. Hang on to the clips, so that they don't get lost. Pull out the hydraulic lines - we suggest sticking the hose ends into a ziplock bag. Cycle the fluid out of the cylinder(s), package well, and send to Top Hydraulics.

Turn around time average is one to two days. Return shipping in the US via USPS Priority Mail ($10 per order) or FedEx Priority Overnight ($40 per order).

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