Special option: Core exchange for Full Set of eight '03-'09 Cadillac XLR Convertible Hydraulic Cylinders


Core exchange for a full set of eight '03-'09 Cadillac XLR Convertible hydraulic cylinders. Includes:

2 ea. p/n 88957085 (main lift cylinder)

3 ea. p/n 88957086 (tonneau cylinder)

2 ea p/n 88957088 (deck lid cylinder)

1 ea p/n 88957089 (front latch cylinder

Price already includes $800 deposit



Special Option: Core exchange for Full Set of eight (8) Cadillac 03-09 XLR folding top Hydraulic Cylinders

Price is $1100 plus $800 refundable deposit. Your deposit gets refunded in full once we receive back your matching cylinders without significant damage to the metal parts. These parts are much better than brand new ones, because they have far superior seals for a much longer service life. Set includes:

2 ea. p/n 88957085 (main lift cylinder, also known as top and rear roof panel lift cylinder). These two cylinders raise and lower the main portion of the top.

3 ea. p/n 88957086 (tonneau cylinder, also known as front and rear top stow compartment cover cylinders). The XLR has three of these cylinders. Two of them actuate the rear top stow compartment cover (also called tonneau cover), which flips under the trunk lid (deck lid). One of these cylinders actuates the front top stow compartment cover.

2 ea p/n 88957088 (deck lid cylinder, also known as trunk lid cylinders). The XLR has two of these cylinders. They actuate the trunk lid by lifting it out of the top's way.

1 ea p/n 88957089 (front header latch cylinder). This cylinder latches the top of your convertible roof to the windshield header.

The original eight cylinders fail at roughly the same time, on account of identical, bio-degradable seal material used in all of them. If you are planning on hanging on to this beautiful car, then you should consider dealing with all eight cylinders at the same time. It saves you a lot of hassle, labor, and cost this way, and you should never have to worry about any of your cylinders leaking again.

The original seals in these cylinders are made of a material that fails within 10-15 years, or faster if exposed to contaminants or water in the convertible top hydraulic fluid. Top Hydraulics replaces the original steel gland inside the cylinder with a new, CNC-machined one that accommodates more sophisticated rod seal, gland seal, and wiper seal for maximum service life of the cylinder. Replaced and improved rod seal, piston seal, cap seal, gland seal, wiper, and port seals make this part better than a brand new one, with an expected service life of 30-50 years under normal circumstances. 

In most cases, the first leak on the original cylinders will be through the mounting hole at the bottom of the cylinder, making it appear like a leak from one of the hydraulic hoses. Next, they will typically leak from the top, and ultimately they will develop internal bypasses. Even brand new cylinders from the dealer can fail again within a short time frame if the hydraulic fluid in your system is contaminated. The rebuild & upgrade service from Top Hydraulics will avoid these issues, because our seals are inert to almost any contamination.

Note that the main lift cylinders can have concealed rust on the polished shafts, due to failed weather seals in your top having allowed water to collect on top of the cylinders for an extended period. If we should find rust on the shafts, then $100 per shaft replacement will be withheld from your $600 core deposit refund. If you do not utilize our core exchange option, and we receive cylinders with bad shafts from you for rebuild service, you will also be charged $100 per necessary shaft replacement.

Shipping within the US from Top Hydraulics to you:

$10 via USPS Priority Mai, or only $40 for FedEx Priority Overnight.

International shipping from Top Hydraulics via FedEx International Priority is only $50 to most locations. We would be happy to confirm your actual shipping cost and expected transit time if you contact us first with your country and postal code.

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