Rebuild/Upgrade Service for Chevy Corvette C6 Main Lift Cylinder 89023773

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Rebuild/Upgrade Service for one Corvette C6 Convertible Main Lift Cylinder.

P/N: 89023773

Factory engraving 1718-030-E or similar

Send in your part(s) first, or select "Order now with core exchange" to order from our inventory.   Core exchange orders are subject to a $30 inventory surcharge as well as a $120 refundable core deposit.

Replaced and improved rod seals, piston seals, cap seals, gland seals, wipers, and port seals make these parts better than brand new ones, with an expected service life of 30-50 years under normal circumstances.



Rebuild/Upgrade service for Chevrolet Corvette C6 Main Lift cylinder| 2005-2013



Rebuild/Upgrade service for one Corvette C6 Main Lift Cylinder

P/N: 89023773

Top Hydraulics' standard warranty is 3 years on rebuilds/upgrades of convertible top cylinders and hydraulic pumps, and on new hydraulic hoses.

Watch our DIY removal video on YouTube below!

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