Chevy SSR Full Set of Hydraulic Lines

Full Set of Hydraulic Lines

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Chevy SSR Full Set of Hydraulic lines/Hoses



Full set of upgraded hydraulic lines, manufactured in the USA by Top Hydraulics out of superior hose material, with plated fittings. Burst pressure rating over 23,200 psi. Always in stock.




Chevy SSR Full Set OF Hydraulic Lines/Hoses



Full set of upgraded hydraulic lines. Manufactured in the USA by Top Hydraulics out of superior hose material, with plated fittings. Our burst pressure rating of over 23,200 psi is unmatched in the industry. These hoses are more flexible and have a smaller diameter than the original hoses, which makes them very easy to install.

Some vendors offer hoses made of braided brake lines, because it is much easier to manufacture the fittings for such hoses, and because less specialized equipment is needed to crimp fittings onto larger hoses. Starting out with a large ID already, brake lines are bulky and have a very limited pressure rating. In contrast, Top Hydraulics' hoses and fittings have been designed from the ground up for optimum performance, ease of installation, and durability. Smaller is better for high-pressure, low-flow hoses such as these in your cabriolet hydraulics.

The lines are clearly labeled on each end (telling you where they connect to), and they come with new o-rings. The hose material is sourced in Germany, the hoses are assembled in the US, and these hoses will not crumble apart like your original ones.

This set includes all 16 lines/hoses (each part number corresponds with a pair of lines/hoses):

88980812 tonneau lock cylinder-  hoses: p/n 88987675 LH, 88987674 RH
88980385 main lift LH cylinder-  hoses: p/n 88980386
89044556 main lift RH cylinder-  hoses: p/n 88980383
88980930 tonneau lift LH cylinder-  hoses: p/n 88987593
89044554 tonneau lift RH cylinder- hoses: p/n 88987591

88980930 tonneau flipper LH cylinder-  hoses: p/n 88987594
89044555 tonneau flipper RH cylinder- 
hoses: p/n 88987592


Includes an o-ring already installed on each hydraulic line fitting.

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