Rebuild/upgrade service for '03-'06 Chevy SSR Left Roof Cylinder

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The Chevy SSR has eight hydraulic cylinders that actuate and lock the cover and top.  Core exchange is currently not available. You send us the cylinder(s) you need to have upgraded, and we will turn them around in 1-3 days. Using the best seals available, far exceeding OEM quality.

Chevy part number:




Chevrolet SSR Left Roof Cylinder| 2003-2006



Send us your Chevy SSR Left Roof Cylinder for rebuild/upgrade service. All seven seals in your cylinder(s) get replaced and upgraded with far superior material. It is important that all seals get replaced at the same time. Of those seven seals, the wipers, rod seals, gland seals, piston seals, and cap seals also get upgraded to a superior shape. This makes your rebuilt cylinders far superior to brand new ones from the factory, on account of much longer service life under the same circumstances.Some SSR cylinders have travel sensors clipped onto them. You can send in your cylinders with or without travel sensors - you will get those back in the condition that you sent them in. The travel sensors do not normally fail during the life of your car.

Core exchange is currently not available for this cylinder. If you find any of your cylinders leaking,  please consider having all cylinders upgraded at once. Top Hydraulics offers a package deal for all eight cylinders upgraded for the price of six.

Upgrade service with 3-year warranty.


Chevy part numbers:

Left Roof Cylinder (Driver Side Main Lift Cylinder) p/n 88980385

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