PT Cruiser Top Lift Cylinder


Chrysler | 2004-2008 PT Cruiser Convertible



Rebuild service for main lift cylinder(s)

The PT Cruiser convertible has two lift cylinders for the convertible top. Top Hydraulics' seal material is far superior to the OEM's.

Send in your cylinder(s) to be rebuilt.


Order from our stock with core exchange (includes a $120 core deposit plus a $40 surcharge per cylinder).






Rebuild/Upgrade service for main drive/lift cylinder(s), using best seals available

The price is per cylinder - it is highly recommended to upgrade in pairs! The PT Cruiser convertible has two lift cylinders for the convertible top. Top Hydraulics' rebuild/upgrade service makes these cylinders better than new, as our seal material is far superior to the OEM's. We also improve on the size and geometry of four seals inside the cylinders. A total of seven seals per cylinder gets upgraded, including rod seal, piston seal, gland seal, cap seal, wiper, and port seals.

Please send in your cylinders to be rebuilt within typically one to two days. Optional core exchange includes a $120 core deposit plus a $40 surcharge per cylinder.


Make sure to fully retract the polished cylinder shaft before removing the hydraulic line clips, so that an accidentally slipping tool cannot damage the shaft on the polished surface that slides through the seal. Damaged shafts can be replaced, but there is a surcharge for that (or your core refund will be reduced if you choose core exchange).

Common engraving on the cylinder:

1657-030-A, or 1657-030-B or 1657-030-C


Note: you will have to refill the hydraulic pump with fluid. The system is self venting, and the air from the cylinder(s) will eventually end up in the reservoir. It can take several cycles to get all air out of the system. Keep topping off the reservoir until the fluid level does not drop below the fill mark any more. You can fill the pump slowly with a syringe or a squirt bottle through the fill plug in the middle, on top of the pump. You may need to use pliers or vise grips to loosen the plug if you end up stripping the 5-mm inside hex. The filling process through the fill plug is slow. You can speed it up a little by manually pulling up one or both of the cylinder shafts while filling the pump - this creates a vacuum in the reservoir. We recommend against taking off the reservoir, because you might damage the reservoir or its o-ring in the process. In particular, we recommend against drilling a hole in the reservoir. You will be introducing foreign particles into the system, plus the reservoir gets pressurized when the hydraulic cylinders retract.

Possible fluids to use:

FeBi 02615

Aral Vitamol

Mercedes fluid p/n 000 989 9103

Pentosin CHF-11S

Mopar 05127381AA

Univys 26


All fluids above will mix with each other or with the original fluid in the pump, and they are safe to use in the system.

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