Rebuild/Upgrade Service for '03-'08 Chrysler Crossfire Hydraulic Pump - send in your pump first

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Hydraulic Pump rebuild Service For '03-'08 Chrysler Crossfire Convertible




You send in your malfunctioning convertible hydraulic pump first to be rebuilt and upgraded.

Turn around time is 1-3 days, and we will ship the pump back to you by Priority U.S. Mail (2-3 days delivery time within the US).

P/N 5142638AA and similar. Mercedes p/n reference A193 800 00 30.



Includes service of electric motor and valves, motor or solenoid valve replacement if necessary, upgrade of internal seals, and always replacement of the relay.

There may be an additional charge if the pump has been abused, has been in a fire, or is severely corroded.

To remove the pump, you need to make enough room for access, disconnect negative terminal of the battery, remove convertible top control module with a T15 torx wrench, disconnect the wiring harness, disonnect the top of the tonneau cover cylinder by pulling pivot pin and then retracting cylinder shaft all the way, remove the travel sensor (Hall sensor) from the tonneau cylinder, disconnect the hydraulic lines, and unbolt the pump from the chassis. Disconnecting the hydraulic lines requires only that you unbolt the manifold plate on top, which holds all the hydraulic lines, and then pull up a little on each hydraulic line individually. The hydraulic lines will stay within the manifold plate - they are retained by small snap rings, and they will not get mixed up. Before sending the pump to Top Hydraulics, make sure to drain the fluid. You would not want fluid to soak your parcel. Wrap the pump inside a garbage bag or two, buffer the parcel well inside (so that the reservoir and solenoids won't get damaged during shipping), and tape up well on the outside.


International customers: please make sure to ship the pump without the mounting frame, to avoid additional shipping cost. Choose "Express Mail Flat Rate Box" in international shipping


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