New Chrysler Crossfire Hydraulic Line 12

To Left Main Lift cyl bottom

New product

New Hydraulic Hose Line # 12 for Chrysler Crossfire Roadsters.

This hose goes from the pump to the bottom end of the left Main Lift cylinder. Each hose has a two-digit number stamped on it in white or red ink near the metal fitting. This number is also stamped on the cylinder port where the line enters the cylinder, and on the pump retaining plate where the line enters the pump.

This is a single hose #12 from hose assembly P/N: 5142632AA

(P/N 5142632AA corresponds to the pair of hoses #11 and #12)



Top Hydraulics' manufactures new, upgraded hydraulic hoses that are more flexible than the OEM hoses, plus they have a higher pressure rating due to their internal braid. This makes them easy to install and long lasting.

All hoses come with wire snap ring and I-ring for installation on the pump end, as well as snap ring installation tool and brief instructions.

All hydraulic lines have a two-digit number printed on the hose material, near the metal fittings. This number is also stamped onto the retaining plate on the pump, on the hydraulic line ports of the rear bow lock cylinder, and on the storage cover lock where the lines enter the storage cover lock cylinder. The hydraulic line ports on the main lift cylinders, the bow tension cylinders, and the tonneau cover lift cylinder are not numbered - only the hoses are.

The Crossfire has fourteen hoses in the roadster soft top system.

General Precaution: if the top has been operated recently, make sure to relieve pressure. There is a pressure relief valve at the pump. However, if you have a leaking hydraulic line, then there shouldn't be any pressure on it, anyway...

Removal of the hoses at the pump requires the following steps:

1) Remove socket head screws from retaining plate. All lines will stay attached to the retaining plate at this point.

2) Pull on each line individually to get them out of the pump. All lines are still attached to the retaining plate, and the plate will be freed from the pump once all lines have been pulled out of the pump.

3) Pull the retaining plate (with all fourteeen hydraulic lines in it) off the pump.

4) To remove an individual line from the retaining plate, you need to push it further into the plate until an external, round retaining ring aka circlip becomes visible. Pry out the circlip, and you will be able to pull the line out of the retaining plate.

Removal of the hydraulic lines from the cylinders requires the following steps:

1) Pull out the clip that holds the line in the cylinder. Take care not to loose the clip.

2) Pull out the line.

Top Hydraulics ships the new lines with a new o-ring and circlip for the pump end. When replacing the line, make sure to install the circlip first and then new new o-ring on the pump end, or you might cut the o-ring with the circlip.

The hydraulic lines for the locking cylinders do not require any o-rings on the cylinder side. Top Hydraulics ships the lines for main lift cylinders, bow extension cylinders, and storage cover lift cylinder with a new o-ring for the cylinder end. When replacing the line on a non-locking cylinder, make sure to remove the old o-ring from the cylinder first with a soft tool, then push the new o-ring onto the hydraulic line fitting, then push the fitting into the cylinder.

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