Top Hydraulics has not had the opportunity yet to film the removal and replacement of the hydraulic cylinders and the pump in an A207 E-Class. For reference, please see our videos on the A209 CLK-Class top system, which is almost identical to that of the A207. There are some differences in removing trim pieces for access to the hydraulic cylinders and the pump. In particular, please note that the right and left trunk liners are a single piece and need to come out through the open tonneau cover. The trunk partition also needs to be removed.

A207 Trunk Partition Trim Removal Guide (PDF)

If you are located in the Pacific Northwest and are looking to get the hydraulic system replaced on your A207 E-Class, then we might be able to work something out where Top Hydraulics does not charge you for labor in return for being able to use your car in an E-Class cylinder and pump removal video