Warranty Information

At Top Hydraulics, we pride ourselves on providing new and remanufactured parts with unmatched quality and longevity.

Unless stated otherwise, there is a 3 year warranty on all new and remanufactured parts provided by Top Hydraulics.  This warranty is transferable. All parts manufactured or rebuilt by Top Hydraulics have unique markings, so there is no additional paperwork needed to transfer a warranty. The warranty does not cover labor, direct or consequential damages. The warranty is void when the parts have been abused or have been installed incorrectly, or when brake fluid or stop-leak additives have contaminated your hydraulic system..

It is very rare that our parts fail. Obviously, we are only human and we could have made a mistake or one of our components might indeed have had a hidden defect. Please contact us first when you suspect that you have a warranty case, so that we can try to help right away. It could be that the failure you are experiencing is caused by a different component or that the installation was not quite proper, so we like to be in touch first to go over the situation with you.

You will have to send your failed part(s) back to Top Hydraulics for a warranty evaluation. In the extremely rare case of failure on rebuilds or new parts shipped or provided by Top Hydraulics, Top Hydraulics' warranty covers only parts and is limited to rebuilding the products previously shipped by Top Hydraulics, or replacing them, or refunding the rebuild fee at Top Hydraulics' discretion. If the failure was our fault, then we will refund reasonable shipping costs, as well.