Mustang Roof Cylinder Rebuild & Upgrade Service
  • Mustang Roof Cylinder Rebuild & Upgrade Service

Mustang Roof Cylinder Rebuild & Upgrade Service


Price listed is for Standard Rebuild Service- 

Send us your cylinder for Rebuild & Upgrade service.


Order now from our inventory with core exchange (includes $30 inventory surcharge plus $150 refundable deposit).

All internal seals get upgraded, guaranteed much better inside than a brand new part.

Ford P/N: 8R3Z-7650600-A

Please note: We do not service cylinders for Ford Mustangs older than model year 2008.

Order Method:


No sales tax for orders in the USA


We provide world class technical support


3-year standard warranty (should last decades)

Ford P/N: 8R3Z-7650600-A, fits 2008-2014 Ford Mustang Base, Boss 302, GT, Shelby GT500

All internal seals get upgraded, guaranteed much better inside than a brand new part from Ford. Top Hydraulics replaces and upgrades the cup-shaped rod seal, the wiper seal, the piston seal and both port seals. Our seals are better because we use much longer lasting material and we have improved the geometry of the seals.

The normal failure mode is a leak on top, where the rod seal has deteriorated due to age. Typically, left side and right side cylinder will fail at about the same time because their seals are identical and of the same age. Ford's choice of the original rod seal (the one that seals where the shaft slides through the top of the cylinder housing) is unfortunate, as it decays particularly fast compared to others. This decay is largely unrelated to usage. It is a chemical reaction that gets accelerated by exposure to heat or improper chemicals in the fluid.

Please note: We do not service cylinders for Ford Mustangs older then 2008.

Each Mustang has two of these cylinders, powered by a fairly simple pump. They are identical on the left side and on the right side. To remove the cylinders from the car, simply remove the mounting pins for the cylinder housing and for the rod end (the piece at the end of the polished shaft), then remove the hydraulic hoses by sliding the stainless clips out of the way that hold the lines in place.

The polished cylinder shaft must be undamaged for a proper rebuild (or for a full core refund if you are selecting the core exchange method).

Once we receive your cylinders, the turn around time for Mustang cylinders is approximately two to three business days for rebuild service, and we will ship the cylinders back to you by Priority U.S. Mail (2-3 days delivery time). We also offer FedEx shipping.

Ford P/N: 8R3Z-7650600-A


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Send in your malfunctioning pump, and we rebuild it much better than new inside!

Internal seals get replaced with superior material, compromised electric motors and clutches get replaced, all moving parts get checked for tolerance and replaced as needed, The pump gets tuned up to perform better than a brand new one would, and it goes through extensive final testing to ensure superior output pressure, flow and thermal behavior.

Once we receive your pump, the turn around time is up to one week (usually faster) for rebuild service and we will ship the pump back to you via FedEx Express Saver (2-3 days transit time).

Ford part number 8R3Z-76533A00-A or 8R3Z-76533A00-B
Part number printed on the pump is typically HB80069-002M or HB80069-002N, this is not the official Ford part number.
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