Rebuild/Upgrade Service for '96-'06 Jaguar XKR/XK8 Hydraulic Pump

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Rebuild & Upgrade of Hydraulic Pump For '96-'06 Jaguar XKR/XK8 Convertible


You send in your malfunctioning convertible hydraulic pump for rebuild & upgrade service with approximately one week turn around.

Core exchange is now available with additional $50 surcharge and $300 refundable deposit.

More details below. P/N HJC 8241-AA, HJA 8225-EE, and similar.



Send in your cylinder for Rebuild & Upgrade service, or order directly from our stock by selecting "Order now with core exchange" above.

Jaguar does not manufacture these pumps any more. Top Hydraulics actually upgrades the pumps for a very reasonable price. Part number HJC 8241-AA, HJD8225-AC, and similar (variations in the last letters). Top Hydraulics services ALL pumps for model year '96-'06 Jaguar convertibles.

Once we receive your pump, the turn around time is approximately one week and we will ship the pump back to you by Priority U.S. Mail (2-3 days transit time in the US). Return shipping is $15 inside the US ($80 internationally); shipping to Top Hydraulics is on you.

Top Hydraulics upgrades internal seals, services internal valves and pressure regulators, services solenoid valves, upgrades the surge suppressor, and replaces or rewinds electric motors with compromised or damaged windings.

Low pump pressure may inhibit the top from unlatching, lifting off the windshield, or raising from the stored position.


Special note about the electro-hydraulic solenoid valves on the pump: be careful not to damage the plastic connectors when removing the wires from the pump. If a solenoid should be damaged externally such that we can still repair it to good working condition (without necessarily being cosmetically perfect), then we will not charge extra. If we have to replace a solenoid on account of external damage that we cannot repair, then we need to charge an additional $100 per solenoid replacement. Top Hydraulics does not sell solenoids only, and Top Hydraulics does not repair solenoids only being sent in.

HJC 8241-AA

HJA 8225-AA

HJA 8225-AB

HJD 8225-AC

HJA 8225-BB

HJA 8225-CC

HJA 8225-DD

HJA 8225-EE

HJA 8225-EF

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