Full set of Top Cylinders - R129 SL-Class 1990-2002

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Price listed is for Standard Rebuild Service- You send in your cylinders to be rebuilt.

Expedited Core Exchange Option includes a $600 Refundable Core Charge plus a $300 surcharge for inventory management.

Entire set of 11 or 12 rams for complete upgrade of one convertible soft top lifting system/replacement of actuators, using best seals available.



For optional core exchange, select YES in the drop down menu above.

Core exchange means that you get rebuilt parts from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, and then you send back your original parts for a refund of your core deposit of $600. For a full core refund, cylinders must be in good condition except for leaking seals.



 Mercedes Convertible Hydraulic Cylinders

 R129 SL-Class | Years: 1990-2002

Convertible hydraulic cylinder rebuild service for Mercedes  R129 models SL280, SL320, SL500, SL600.

Convertible hydraulic cylinder rebuild/upgrade service for Mercedes R129 models 300SL, 500SL,  600SL, SL320, SL500, SL60, SL600, SL73.


Top Hydraulics Offers two options for upgrading cylinders for Mercedes convertible tops.

For Rebuilding The Cylinders That You Send In:  We gladly accept the cylinders in their locks / latches at no extra charge -- you save the extra labor and we have all the assurance that the cylinders do not accidentally get scratched upon removal from the locks. Once we receive your cylinders, the turn around time is approximately one week for rebuild service and we will ship the cylinders back to you by Priority U.S. Mail (2-3 days delivery time).

To order with Core Exchange: For locking cylinders, we will usually ship a custom made loaner wrench for easy removal of the cylinder from the lock. Core deposits will be refunded in full if we receive your matching cores within 90 days, and the cylinder rods are unscratched. A small "rental charge" may apply if the cores get returned later than 90 days from receipt, but we are usually extending the return period within reason without such rental charge.

Metal parts in your hydraulic cylinders do not get damaged during normal operation. Sealing surfaces (for example the polished, chromed cylinder shafts sliding through the rod seals) can easily get scratched beyond repair by tools - especially during DIY repair attempts. Top Hydraulics can replace any damaged metal parts, but has to charge extra for that service.

Seals used by Top Hydraulics, Inc. include Viton™ and Teflon™-hybrid seals, as well as enhanced Polyurethane material, which far exceed the OEM's requirements for rigidity, but provide more than double the service life for your convertible car top actuators, based on scientific test data. Making your roadster/cabriolet hydraulics better than new!

If the last six digits of your VIN are lower than 150000, then please place your order as if you had a model year 1996. The reason is, some early production versions of model year 1997 still have a left tonneau cover lock same as model year 1996.

Applicable part numbers - see location diagram below:
1298001672 aka A 129 800 16 72, mounting in front latches p/n 1298000774 and 1298000874
1298000072 aka A 129 800 00 72, mounting in tonneau cover latches 1298000374, 1298000474, 1298001574, 1298001674 
and rear locks 1298000574, 1298000674
1298002172 aka A 129 800 21 72, mounting in rear latches 1298001174, 1298001274, 1298001774
1298002072 aka A 129 800 20 72
1298000272 aka A 129 800 02 72
1298001772 aka A 129 800 17 72
1298001872 aka A 129 800 18 72
1248000272 aka A 129 800 02 72


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