Rebuild Service for 1998-2003/2004 Mercedes Benz R170 SLK-Class Hydraulic Pump

A1708000030 A1708000048

New product

 Send in your malfunctioning convertible hydraulic pump first.

Once we receive your pump, the turn around time is one to three days for rebuild service and we will ship the pump back to you by USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days transit time in the US).

 P/N A 170 800 00 30 also known as A 170 800 00 48



The pump ships back filled with fluid.

Rebuild/upgrade includes:

- New high current relay

- Service of electric motor and solenoids

- Upgrade of internal components in motor's electronics

- Replacement of electric motor if needed

- Replacement of pump pistons, rotor, stator and bearings if needed

- Upgrade of pump seals

- Repair of stripped threads from hydraulic line manifold/retaining plate bolts having been over-torqued

- New port seals (sealing the hydaulic lines where they enter the pump)

- Complete test of pump's function, pressure, flow rate, and thermal behavior. Guaranteed to exceed factory specs.

 P/N A 170 800 00 30 also known as A 170 800 00 48

Watch our DIY removal video on YouTube below!


In case of severe abuse, such as DIY repair attempts, flood, fire, or a car crash, there may be a surcharge.


The fill and drain plug is on top, a 4-mm inside hex bolt in the forward right corner. Drain as much fluid as possible before shipping the pump to us. Removal from the car is easy: disconnect from the wiring harness, disconnect the hydraulic lines (they all pull out after you turn the retaining plates on top - all hoses are numbered and match the engraved numbers on the retaining plates - no need to loosen or tighten the bolts on the plates), unbolt from the car. Optionally remove the mounting frame to simplify shipping. Wrap in a large garbage bag to contain inevitable fluid leakage, buffer the parcel well inside, ideally double box for shipping.


Standard shipping cost $15 within the US (USPS Priority Mail), $85 FedEx Priority Overnight, International FedEx International Priority $85.