Rebuild service for Left Trunk Lid Cylinder Mercedes R170 SLK-Class 1708000372
  • Rebuild service for Left Trunk Lid Cylinder Mercedes R170 SLK-Class 1708000372
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Left Trunk Lid Cylinder - R170 SLK-Class


There are two options for placing your order:

1. (Most affordable) You send in your leaking cylinder, and Top Hydraulics rebuilds it.

  • Top Hydraulics replaces & upgrades ALL seals in your cylinder with our superior proprietary material including rod seals, gland seals, port seals, plug seals and piston seals. Top Hydraulics' u-cup seals have a far more reliable seal and much longer service life.


2. (Fastest) Core Exchange Option where Top Hydraulics ships parts from our inventory first ($155 plus a $160 deposit).

  • Option 2 means that you get a rebuilt & upgraded cylinder from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, then you ship back your original part for credit of your $160 core refund. You get a cylinder that has been rebuilt to outlast and outperform OEM replacements.

P/N: 1708000372

Order Method:


No sales tax for orders in the USA


We provide world class technical support


3-year standard warranty (should last decades)


R170 SLK-Class | Years: 1998-2003/2004

Mercedes part number A 170 800 02 72

We have two service levels: rebuilding the cylinder(s) you send in, or sending you a complete set from our stock with core exchange (inventory surcharge, plus a refundable core deposit apply).

Early model years (98 and 99) have curved fittings at the hose ends that attach to the hydraulic pump. Mercedes started using straight fittings in 2000. Both versions are fully interchangeable and equal in value. If you are using the core exchange option and you have a preference for the fitting version that we ship to you, please indicate your preference during checkout.

Please note that the hydraulic lines must be attached and intact on the cylinders that you send to us. Top Hydraulics can now replace hydraulic lines, but there would be an additional charge of $50 per line.

Please note that it is highly advisable to upgrade the trunk cylinders and the main lift cylinders in pairs. When considering the labor involved in removing one cylinder compared to a full set of cylinders, it is usually best to have all cylinders upgraded at the same time. The reason is, the majority of the labor involved is in removing access panels, and once the panels are removed, it is comparatively not much more work to remove all cylinders at once. Remember, the rebuild service for all cylinders at once costs about as much as a single replacement cylinder, and you get a much better product... 

Download R170 SLK-Class Cylinder Removal Instructions (PDF)

Watch our DIY removal video on YouTube below!

Top Hydraulics offers two options for upgrading cylinders for Mercedes convertible tops.

For Rebuilding Your Cylinders:  Send your cylinders to Top Hydraulics first and we will rebuild and upgrade them to better-than-new condition. 

For Up-front Shipping with Core Exchange:  Core deposits will be refunded in full if we receive your matching cores within 60 days, the cylinder rods are unscratched, and the hydraulic lines are intact. 

Seals used by Top Hydraulics, Inc. include Viton™ and Teflon™-hybrid seals, as well as enhanced Polyurethane material, which far exceed the OEM's requirements for rigidity, but provide at least double the service life for your convertible car top actuators, based on scientific test data.

About the port seals:

At the age of the original parts, it is essential that the port seals (where the hoses go into the cylinder housing) get replaced. Of course, we are replacing them with a far superior version. Replacing the port seals requires some fancy machining and extra parts - you won't find this quality elsewhere.

On the trunk lid cylinders, we machine out the crimps in the steel tubes that the hoses go into, cut a thread around the steel ports, then re-fasten the hoses with CNC-machined sleeves.

In the end, you get parts from us that are far better than new ones inside at a fraction of Mercedes' list price.


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R170 SLK Cylinder Replacement

How to remove and replace your R170 Top Hydraulic Cylinders

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