Roll over bar valve rebuild service

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Roll Over Bar Valve Rebuild Service for Mercedes W208 CLK Class|1998-2002/2003


Send in your valve 1248001678 aka A 124 800 16 78 for rebuild service within 1-2 days, or choose YES to order with core exchange. Core exchange includes a $30 surcharge plus $200 refundable deposit.

Also known as p/n 19.0306-0106.2



For optional core exchange, select YES in the drop down menu above.

Core exchange means that you get rebuilt parts from Top Hydraulics' inventory first, and then you send back your original parts for a refund of your core deposit of $200. For a full core refund, parts must be in good condition except for leaking seals.




A typical symptom of the valve failure is erractic movement of the roll bar/rear head rests. Typically, the head rests will not stay down. This is usually accompanied by loss of hydraulic fluid, but the leaks can remain internal.

The valve is located behind the rear seat, in the left rear corner, bolted to the roll bar assembly. It has several hydraulic lines attached, which are easily removed.

Valve removal: 8-mm wrench or pliers/vise grips to remove the supply line on the side, 4-mm hex wrench (Allen) to loosen the bolts that hold the retaining disc for the hydraulic lines in the front, 10-mm wrench for the bolts in the rear that mount the valve to the roll bar assembly.

There are two versions of this valve - see photos. Newer versions used in 2001+ models have the number 19.0306-0106.2 engraved on them.

Optional core exchange includes an additional $30 charge, plus a refundable deposit of $200.

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