Rebuild/upgrade service for Main Lift Mercedes W124 E-Class Cylinder 1248000072 aka A124 800 00 72
  • Rebuild/upgrade service for Main Lift Mercedes W124 E-Class Cylinder 1248000072 aka A124 800 00 72
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Main Lift Cylinder - W124 E-Class 1993-1995


This is a Rebuild and upgrade service - Send us your parts first

Core exchange is not available for these parts unless you order the complete set of cylinders.

It is highly recommended to rebuild and upgrade these cylinders in pairs, as they tend to fail as a pair.

P/N A124 800 00 72 aka 1248000072

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3-year standard warranty (should last decades)


Main Lift Cylinder - W124 E-Class 1993-1995


W124 E-Class | Years: 1993-1995

Download W124 E-Class Trunk Panel Removal (PDF)

Download W124 E-Class Class Cylinder Removal (PDF)

For Rebuilding Your Cylinders:  We gladly accept the cylinders in their locks / latches at no extra charge -- you save the extra labor and we have all the assurance that the cylinders do not accidentally get scratched upon removal from the locks.

Seals used by Top Hydraulics, Inc. include Viton™ and Teflon™-hybrid seals, as well as enhanced Polyurethane material, which far exceed the OEM's requirements for rigidity, but provide at least double the service life for your convertible car top actuators, based on scientific test data.

In some extreme cases, P/N 1248000072 can have corrosion (rust) on the chromed shaft, inside the cylinder tube, or inside the gland. We need to treat this on a case-by-case basis, the same as deep tool-inflicted scratches on the shafts or inside the gland. If we can polish out the damage, then there will be no additional charge. If we have to replace metal parts, then we need to charge for that. For example, Top Hydraulics manufactures hardened, stainless steel shafts for these cylinders.

1248000072 aka 124 800 0072

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W124 E-Class Cylinder Removal

How to remove and replace your Mercedes W124 Top Hydraulic Cylinders

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